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Selling on the market of Apt (Vaucluse) every saturday from 8 h to 13h

Baskets and willows made and grown in Luberon

vanneries sous le tilleul


panier en forme de poule

panier rond pour les oeufsmandelette

Basketmaker, Nicolas Appel, grows many willows in Provence, near a little village called Beaumont de Pertuis in the Luberon. He 'll invite you near the river Durance to visit his willow beds and the work shop where he makes his baskets,same way as in the older days. Of course, you can also order what you wish

After studying geography in Aix-en-Provence and also some travels, Nicolas Appel settled down as an organic vineyard and vegetables farmer firstly in 1989 in Beaumont de Pertuis. He began ( with advises of old basket makers) to make his baskets for his own uses, but soon he plants cuttings of wild willows which grow wild near by the Durance river, then he began to sell them on the market of Wanosque. Then he collects varieties of old willows used by the elders almost abandonned. He searches the old forbidden weavings.His passion of botanic encourages him to share his knowledge of plants,showing to people the beauty of sallows of the wild Durance in balades in spring, he also organizes sessions of basketry in his house all over the year.Phone him and visit him if you come in Provence... He speaks english, spanish and little german

Nicolas APPEL
Willows and basketry
campagne Sainte Villevieille

TelFax : +334 90 08 07 48


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